Why is consumer credit good for us?

Nowadays, everyone who deals with credit is most interested in the Good Finance Credit. Interesting thought, is it worth it for us too? Would it really be so much better than the other options in the credit market? What is this at all? At the end of the article, the questions are replaced by answers. Come read them!

The most important things to know


Qualified Consumer Loan is not just a sounding name. Not all loans can use this rating. The strict criteria set by the MNB (Hungarian National Bank) must be met in order for the supervisor to authorize this indicator for a given loan.

In short, this means that the product has to pass a significant filter to match. But what are these conditions?

This will make it a consumer friendly loan

So come the much-mentioned criteria:

  1. Fixed installment for at least 3 years (min. 3 year interest period)
  2. Up to 30 years maturity
  3. Maximum 3.5% interest rate premium
  4. The maximum disbursement fee is 0.75% of the loan amount, but not more than HUF 150,000
  5. Speed ​​up the borrowing process
  6. Living-; up to 1% of the final repayment charge, but free of charge for the saving of the apartment

Faced with these points, it is striking that the primary goal is really to make these loans cheaper and more secure. Let’s look at them.

Fixed installment for at least 3 years


After all, the after-effects of Swiss franc loans are vigorous. Many fear that something similar might happen to him in some way, and that the monthly repayment could suddenly jump. On the one hand, forint loans have no foreign exchange risk and, on the other hand, this fixed interest rate period of at least 3 years gives cause for rest.

Maximizing the disbursement fee

There are many costs to borrowing that a less financially savvy person would not think. We collect the appropriate amount of own funds and forget that we also have to pay the sales, notary, disbursement and other minor costs. The MNB intends to control these costs by 0.75% of the total loan amount, up to a maximum of HUF 150 thousand. It should only be noted in brackets that this is primarily for those who borrow more than HUF 20 million.

Living-; and a reduction in the repayment fee

Living-; and a reduction in the repayment fee

This is a very important consideration for those who are conscious about their credit and want to get the most out of it. Not only do they deal with loan repayments, but they also save specifically for that purpose.

Be it an account or a home savings fund , the point is that as long as our debt is reduced, your money will increase, so we can get over the credit (and / or sooner) cheaper.

When we put our collected money into credit , it’s called prepayment. And when we repay all of our debts with a larger amount, we call it a repayment. And there was always a fee for these processes, which was expressed as a percentage of the amount we paid.

Thanks to this directive, this can be up to 1%. In fact, if you choose government-sponsored home savings, the fee is around $ 0.

Good opportunity, let’s use it!

Good opportunity, let

As you read through the article, as we promised at the beginning, the question marks about the Good Finance Credit almost certainly disappeared. We can say that this is really a good construction that is worth taking advantage of. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any credit transaction! Your decisions and our knowledge together will be a winning pair.